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As a product manager, I get a lot of stress at work, I have to track a lot of different aspects, parameters, details, tendencies, etc. In order to keep track of all important details I have to relax from time to time, I have to chill and release stress. This is exactly why I often enjoy computer games after work. Lately, I came across with following game - Retro Bowl 2, I got addicted to it in no time and fell in love with it.

This game is for those who love to plan, for people who focus on details, on planning, on looking forward to outcomes, etc. This game is perfect for people with manager skills. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, tons of various options and features that you can change, that you can alter and this is exactly why I love it, complexity and possibilities are endless.

Since in this game you control the football team you have to have some sort of experience with this sport, you have to know how things work, how to motivate your team, how to help them to unlock their true potential, how to promote the name of your team, etc.

Let's talk about options in the game in more depth, I think it is important to know what features we have and how to use them for better results.

Front Office
First, in our list, this office is where you check various stats of the game and either increase or decrease them. What kind of stats? Well, for example, salary cap in the game. This is important, isn't it? If you don't increase the salary of your players you won't see motivation from them, you may also check condition of your stadium, another important thing, is how can your players train properly if the stadium is in horrible condition.

Other stats also include: training facilities, rehab facilities, morale in percentages, staff, list of free agents, etc. Each one is almost as important as any of the above-mentioned stats, make sure that you don't miss a decrease in those parameters, this clear indicator that something is not well!

Your players, all of them, an area where you can see who is in attacking position, who plays in defense, and check their current condition. I don't have to say how important it is to keep an eye on your players, after all, they are the ones who fight on the field and score victory for your team, making sure that they have everything that they need is your number priority.

In roster, it is easy as one two three to control your teammates, for example, check their morale and motivation level, increase their salary from the budget, check defense/offense players, etc.

Hall of fame, I love this area, here you can check your achievements, your completed challenges, a list of top players and their scores, and various records that are important to track your progress.

Retro Bowl 2 is the second version of the game and it has tons of different improvements and fixes, various upgrades, new additions, features, etc. If you love football, if you have a good analytic mind and if you love competition this game is just for you, scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy your journey towards victory.